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Viewing Attachments with Outlook Express

If you are Using Outlook Express and are having problems viewing our attachment try these following steps.

1.       Start Outlook Express.

2.       On the Tools menu, click Options.

3.       Click the Security tab, click to clear the Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus check box under Virus Protection, and then click OK.

If you modify this security setting we highly recommend that before opening any e-mail attachment you scan the attachment for viruses.To scan an e-mail attachment for viruses, follow these steps.

1.       Open the e-mail message in Outlook Express which has an attachment.

2.       On the File menu, click Save Attachments.

3.       Specify the folder in which you want to save the attachments in the Save To box, and then click Save.

4.       Virus Scan the folder in which you just saved the attachment.



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